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Jakub Narebski jnareb at
Sun Oct 22 20:57:15 BST 2006

David Clymer wrote:
> Bzr: Branches and all shared history may be stored locally in disparate
> locations, and all VCS functions are available locally.

Branches in bzr are both one-source (one head) DAG (of parents), and
the "mainline" i.e. track of commits commited in this branch-as-place.
Bazaar-NG tries to keep both information in DAG by using first parent
to mark commits on current branch-as-place.

Additionally bzr by default uses revnos, numbering commits on branch,
which needs maintaining mainline identity for revnos not to change
even for one branch-as-place.

This leads to the need to use "merge" if you want to maintain revnos
unchanged, and "pull" if you are not interested in that.

Git correctly realizes that mainline identity is local information,
and instead of trying to save local information in DAG which is shared,
it uses reflog.

[That's of course totally biased view.]
> Git: Same thing, except that all shared history must also be identically
> ordered.
That is the EFFECT of preferring fast-forward over preserving
"first parent is my branch" property. So the RESULT is that
shared history is identically ordered.

Jakub Narebski

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