VCS comparison table

Sean seanlkml at
Sun Oct 22 02:26:45 BST 2006

On Sat, 21 Oct 2006 20:46:45 -0400
Jeff Licquia <jeff at> wrote:

> Which opinion is this?  The opinion that old-style local revnos aren't a
> big deal, or that new-style dotted revnos aren't a big deal?
> I suspect you're conflating the two, and interpreting certainty for the
> former as certainty for the latter.  Though I don't mind being
> corrected.

The archives have all the posts of people claiming that there were no
issues with revno's and fully distributed models.  But it's okay, the
issue really isn't all that important in the big scheme of things.  Bzr
and Git have much more in common than they have differences.  I reject
that revno's are an example of where bzr is superior than Git, but
there are no doubt examples where I would concede that bzr has the edge.


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