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Carl Worth cworth at
Sun Oct 22 00:49:04 BST 2006

On Sat, 21 Oct 2006 19:42:47 -0400, Jeff Licquia wrote:
> I don't think so.  Recently, I've been trying to track a particular
> patch in the kernel.  It was done as a series of commits, and probably
> would have been its own branch in bzr, but when I was trying to group
> the commits together to analyze them as a group, the easiest way to do
> that was by the original committer's name.

As far as "its own branch in bzr" would such a branch remain available
indefinitely even after being merged in to the main tree?

> Now, there's probably a better way to hunt that stuff down, but in this
> case hunting the user down worked for me.  (It may have made a
> difference that I was using gitweb instead of a local clone.)

Vast, huge, gaping, cosmic difference.

Almost none of the power of git is exposed by gitweb. It's really not
worth comparing. (Now a gitweb-alike that provided all the kinds of
very easy browsing and filtering of the history like gitk and git
might be nice to have.)

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