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Jan Hudec bulb at ucw.cz
Sat Oct 21 18:40:56 BST 2006

On Fri, Oct 20, 2006 at 06:59:17PM -0400, Jeff King wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 20, 2006 at 08:12:10PM +0200, Jan Hudec wrote:
> > At this point, I expect the tree to look like this:
> > A$ ls -R
> > .:
> > data/
> > data:
> > hello.txt
> > A$ cat data/hello.txt
> > Hello World!
> Git does what you expect here.
> > A$ VCT mv data greetings
> > A$ VCT commit -m "Renamed the data directory to greetings"
> > B$ echo "Goodbye World!" > data/goodbye.txt
> > B$ VCT add data/goodbye.txt
> > B$ VCT commit -m "Added goodbye message."
> > A$ VCT merge B
> > 
> > And now I expect to have tree looking like this:
> > 
> > A$ ls -R
> > .:
> > greetings/
> > greetings:
> > hello.txt
> > goodbye.txt
> Git does not do what you expect here. It notes that files moved, but it
> does not have a concept of directories moving.  Git could, even without
> file-ids or special patch types, figure out what happened by noting that
> every file in data/ was renamed to its analogue in greetings/, and infer
> that previously non-existant files in data/ should also be moved to
> greetings/.
> However, I'm not sure that I personally would prefer that behavior. In
> some cases you might actually WANT data/goodbye.txt, and in some other
> cases a conflict might be more appropriate. In any case, I would rather
> the SCM do the simple and predictable thing (which I consider to be
> creating data/goodbye.txt) rather than be clever and wrong (even if it's
> only wrong a small percentage of the time).
> In short, git doesn't do what you expect, but I'm not convinced that
> it's a bug or lack of feature, and not simply a difference in desired
> behavior.

I still consider it a bug, but different problems of the file-id
solution have already been described in this thread that I consider bugs
as well.

Besides I start to think that it should be actually possible to solve
this case with the git-style approach. I have to state beforehand, that
I don't know how the most recent git algorithm works, but I imagine
there is some kind of 'brackets' saying the text is in a given file. Now
if those 'brackets' were not flat, but nested, ie. instead of saying
'this is in foo/bar' it would say 'this is in bar is in foo', the
difference when renaming directory would only affect the 'outer bracket'
and therefore merge correctly with adding content inside it.

                  				- Jan Hudec `Bulb' <bulb at ucw.cz>

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