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Matthieu Moy Matthieu.Moy at
Thu Oct 19 13:04:14 BST 2006

Andreas Ericsson <ae at> writes:

> You, and others, keep saying "leftmost". What on earth does left or
> right have to do with anything? Or rather, how do you determine which
> side anything at all is on?

Not sure it's the same in git, but in bzr, a new revision is always
created by a commit (it can be "fetched" by other commands though). If
you "merge", then you have to commit after.

What people call "leftmost ancestor" is the revision which used to be
the tip at the time you commited. For example, if you do "bzr diff;
bzr commit" the diff shown before is the same as the one got with
"bzr diff -r last:1" right after the commit.

I believe this doesn't make a difference for merge algorithms, but in
the UI, it's here when you say, e.g.:

bzr diff -r last:12..before:revid:foo at bar-auents987aue

(once in "last:", and once in "before:")


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