VCS comparison table

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Oct 19 06:56:35 BST 2006

On 18 Oct 2006, Carl Worth <cworth at> wrote:

> I understand that bzr also has unique identifiers, but it sounds like
> the tools try to hide them, and people aren't in the habit of using
> them for things like this. Do bzr developers put revision numbers in
> their bug trackers? Is there a guarantee they will always be valid?

There is a mix of 

 - Just giving the overall tarball version number, which is most 
   meaningful to users (and not related to bzr versions)

 - Giving a mainline revision number, which will never revert because we
   never pull (fast-forward) that branch.  That has the substantial
   (imo) benefit that you can immediately compare these numbers by eye,
   and they are easy to quote.

 - Giving a unique id, which is obviously most definitive and
   appropriate if you're talking about something which is not 
   on the mainline or a well known branch.  The 
   bug tracker links branches to bugs and does this through 
   revision ids.


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