VCS comparison table

Charles Duffy cduffy at
Wed Oct 18 22:04:52 BST 2006

Sean wrote:
> Hmm.. It's pretty easy to test out Git ideas too.  People do it all
> the time, and without plugins.  Junio maintains several such trees
> for instance.  Dunno.. I just think plugs _sounds_ good to developers
> without much real benefit to users over regular ole source code.

Example time!

There's a plugin for Bzr which adds support for Cygwin-compatible 
symlink support on Windows. (IIRC, this involves monkey-patching some of 
the Python standard library bits).

Now, this is something which is *proposed* as a feature to be merged 
into upstream bzr, and it may happen at some point. That said, when I 
have a Windows-using coworker who wants to check out a repository that 
has symlinks in it (with his win32-native, no-cygwin-required bzr 
upstream binary), I don't need to tell him to go download and build bzr 
from a third party; instead, I just need to tell him to run a single 
command to check out the plugin in question into the bzr plugins folder.

 From an end-user convenience perspective, it's a pretty significant win.

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