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Wed Oct 18 00:33:48 BST 2006

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Jakub Narebski wrote:
> Aaron Bentley wrote:
> By the way, are bzr "bundles" compatibile with ordinary patch?
> git-format-patch patches are. They have additional metainfo,
> but they are patches in heart.

Yes, they are.

>> I'm not sure what you think Bazaar does.  In Bazaar, a repository format
>> plugin  implements the same API that a native repository format does.
>> This is how bzr supports Subversion, Mercurial and Git repositories.
> But if I remember correctly Subversion does not remember merge points
> (merge commits), so how can you provide full Bazaar-NG compatibility
> with Subversion repository as backend? Some repository formats lack
> some features.

That's true.  We support merge points in a way that's compatible with
svk.  Subversion allows revisions to have arbitrary properties, and svk
sets a property to indicate merges.

> In git we have import tools (most of them capable of incremental import),
> a few exchange tools like git-cvsexportcommit, git-cvsserver, and
> Tailor-like git-svn.

Bzr's subversion support is quite nice.  You can commit, merge, run
history viewers.

There are screenshots and stuff here:

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