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Andreas Ericsson wrote:
>> In Bazaar, a revision id always refers to the same logical entity, but
>> it may be stored in different formats in different repositories.
> This I don't understand. Let's say Alice has revision-154 in her repo,
> located at Let's say that commit is accessible with
> the url "". Bob pulls from her repo into
> his own, which is located at
> Lots of questions here, so I'll split them up. Feel free to delete the
> non-applicable ones.
> Will the commit in Bob's repo be accessible at
> ""?

bzr differentiates between pull and merge.  Pull is a mirroring command.
 So with pull, yes revision-154 will be accessible at

With merge, it won't.  Bob can refer to it as "",

> If it's not, how can you backtrack from old bugreports and find the
> error being discussed?

Refer to it as ' revno 154' or by its revision-id.

> If it is, how does that work if Bob suddenly wants to commit things
> before Alice is done working with her changes?

I don't see how this applies.  You can always commit in a branch.  If
alice and bob both commit, then they are diverged and can't pull.  If
alice merges bob, then they converge and bob can pull alice.

> Also, suppose they both push to a master-repo where Caesar has pushed
> his changes and nicked the slot for revision-154. Does the master repo
> re-organize everything and then invalidate Bob's and Alice's changes, or
> does it tell Alice and Bob that they need to update and then reorganize
> their repos before they're allowed to push?

They must merge from the master-repo before they can push to it.

>> In our terminology, if it can diverge from the original, it's a branch,
>> not a checkout.
> This clears things up immensely. bazaar checkout != git checkout.
> I still fail to see how a local copy you can't commit to is useful

My bzr is run from a local copy I can't commit to.  To get the latest
changes from, I can run "bzr update ~/bzr/dev".
To merge the latest changes into my branch, I can run
"bzr merge ~/bzr/dev".  It's also convenient for applying other peoples'
patches to.

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