VCS comparison table

Jakub Narebski jnareb at
Tue Oct 17 13:02:02 BST 2006

Jakub Narebski wrote:
> In git by default in the top directory of working area you have .git 
> directory which contains whole repository (object database, refs (i.e. 
> branches and tags), information which branch is current, index aka. 
> gitcache, configuration, etc.). You can share object database locally 
> (which includes network filesystem).
> You can have .git (usually <project>.git then) directory without working 
> area.

So called "bare" repository.
> And you can symlink (and in the future "symref"-link) .git directory.

And you can use GIT_DIR environmental variable or --git-dir option
to git wrapper.
Jakub Narebski

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