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Robert Collins robertc at
Mon Oct 16 07:42:33 BST 2006

On Mon, 2006-10-16 at 15:50 +1000, Lachlan Patrick wrote:
> Would that be an accurate summary of bzr's development process? Are
> there subtleties or extra processes I've missed? Obviously I want to
> mimic a good working process when changing my own development over to
> a decentralised method. 

I think a reasonable transition plan is something like:

 * convert your repository to bzr, and use `bzr checkout URL` to access
your code and continue developing on it in a centralised manner.
 * Start using additional branches for features, which will reduce the
number of commits to the mainline, while making them bigger. This will
put gentle pressure on you to review the feature branches as they
evolve. This is a good time to start making smaller code drops from
feature branches to the mainline (in CVS they tend to be very big
commits, because people need everything working and dont want to break
the mainline, and cannot work on several aspects at once easily).

Take small steps, and figure out what works for you. AIUI CISRA works
all from a single office, so rather than mailed reviews you may prefer
sit-down code reviews in teams of two, or even larger scale 'team code
reviews' where you all analyse the patch at once.

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