Patch and vote procedure

Lachlan Patrick loki at
Mon Oct 16 06:50:47 BST 2006


I'm wondering what procedures people use to co-ordinate merging of
patches in a decentralised version control system. Clearly it's not as
simple as CVS's central repository model where every pushes changes into
it at will.

What I've gleaned from lurking on this list is that people post a bzr
diff to the list and there's some formal voting mechanism whereby +1
indicates a vote in favour of a patch or a suggested change, and some
number of votes is needed to carry that into force. I presume when those
votes are gained there's a person controlling the 'official repository'
who does a bzr merge with the patch to integrate the change.

Would that be an accurate summary of bzr's development process? Are
there subtleties or extra processes I've missed? Obviously I want to
mimic a good working process when changing my own development over to a
decentralised method.


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