Incorrect read length, http and php

David Allouche david at
Sat Oct 14 21:01:34 BST 2006

Aaron Bentley wrote:
> I can kind of see how this might make sense if you're serving multiple
> languages statically, and designing Apache to serve documents, not
> files.  But personally, I'd write it so that it stopped at the first
> unrecognized extension.

The fact is there are Apache servers out there, set up by competent
sysadmins, that will cause bzr to blow chunks and die. People will not
be able to diagnose it, and will conclude that bzr is buggy and
unusable. Or at the very least that the much-vaunted dumb server support
just isn't functional.

The only way out I see is adding a level of indirection, make the knit
file names be arbitrary and independent of the file id.

That also has the benefit of sidestepping filesystem limitations when
dealing with long file ids, especially if they contain mainy characters
which are not lowercase ascii (then the urlencoding increases length of
id-based file names even further).

                                                            -- ddaa

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