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Wed Oct 11 10:06:18 BST 2006

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Martin Pool wrote:
> On 11 Oct 2006, Lachlan Patrick <loki at> wrote:
>> Lachlan Patrick wrote:
>>> Hi, sorry, I have some newbie questions:
>>> 1. bzr whoami doesn't need real email addresses does it?
>>>    I mean, it doesn't actually send emails, it's just a
>>>    globally unique identifier right?
>>> 2. bzr remove filename gives me an error saying the file
>>>    isn't versioned. I had previously typed bzr init, and
>>>    all the files in all subdirectories got added, then I
>>>    typed bzr commit -m "version 1", which worked, so why
>>>    can't I now remove one of those files?
>> Sorry, my mistake, item 2 isn't an error, ignore that one.
>> I'm trying to put several versions of software (stored in tarballs) into
>> a bzr repository in order. I'm trying to replicate what changed in each
>> version so that the bzr repository stores an accurate history, but I
>> just got some things wrong. I guess in general I should add new files
>> then remove old ones, but actually I want each new version to be
>> atomically different.
> If you just unpack each one and then commit it this should be fine.  The
> only thing is that you'll need to make sure files deleted from one
> tarball to the next are deleted in the working directory.  There are
> various ways you could do it, but one of the simplest is probably to
> just delete everything but the .bzr directory after each commit, then
> unpack the next.

You can also use 'bzr import' which is provided by the 'bzrtools'
plugin. Which is specifically designed around importing files from tarballs.


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