Export bazaar history to subversion ?

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Tue Oct 10 12:46:35 BST 2006

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David Cournapeau wrote:
>    Is there any way to export the history from my project under bazaar
> to subversion ? I took a look at
> http://jelmer.vernstok.nl/blog/archives/125-Pushing-to-Subversion-from-Bazaar-works.html
>    But it doesn't look like it can do what I want (or did I miss
> something ?) 

Could you say how you think it's not doing what you want?  I'm not sure
whether you know this, but push can create branches as well as updating
them, so it seems at least possible that this approach would work.

If it does, it would allow you to keep using bzr, and pushing to svn.
If it doesn't, it's a bug that should be fixed.

Alternatively, you might have to create the Subversion branch and then
push into it.

> Is there any other method, or I am forced to import my
> project into subversion with the loss of previous history ?

No, you can also convert the project into svn using Tailor.  I don't
know the details.  But that won't allow you to push afterward.

Similarly, you can write your own script to convert the history.  But
it's probably better not to.

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