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Sat Oct 7 00:37:31 BST 2006

Richard Wilbur <richard.wilbur at> writes:

> I have a complaint about how MoinMoin parses the ReStructuredText
> that I put in for an internal hyperlink to a different page with an
> anchor.  The documentation mentions several ways of structuring
> markup to call out an internal hyperlink, of which probably the most
> elegant is the way you entered it:
> Installation_
> Since I have need of a punctuation mark ('#') and want to still use the
> simple label 'Installation' I found a recommendation on their mailing
> list
> which mentions the following format:
> See `Installation <Installation#RunFromSourceDirectory>`_ for details.

You don't use '#' to refer to an internal target in
reStructuredText. The parser already knows to link to
document-internal targets as page targets.

Try this instead:

    See `RunFromSourceDirectory`_ for details.

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