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Wed Oct 4 01:30:20 BST 2006

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Richard Wilbur wrote:
> I had version 0.8 installed as that was the most recent available in
> Synaptic for the Dapper repositories.  Since the latest development is
> so much newer, I wiped out the old installed version and installed from
> the downloaded development tree.  I am interested in the new
> documentation for my development environment.  I also wanted to avoid
> creating the development tree with any bugs or quirks apparent in
> earlier versions.

I understand, but of course the latest release is a safer choice, and
quite up-to-date.  There's an apt repository for releases here:

>> Actually, I use the downloaded copy as my bzr executable directly:
>> $ ln -s ~/bzr/ ~/bin/bzr
> I'm curious:  why do you use the bzr/ copy in place instead of
> installing it?  Is it because there is no uninstall option for
> and you want to run a recent release without a lot of hassle?

It makes it very easy to stay up to date, it has no impact on other
accounts, and it's very easy to change the symlink if I like.  This how
I typically install Python programs that I develop, so that I can use
changes I've made immediately.

I'm also not a big fan of or EasyInstall.  A system can't have
two package managers.  I'd much rather have apt handle the system, and
keep everything else in my home directory.

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