[BUG] bzr 0.10: bzr.exe+paramiko bug: NameError: global name 'SSHException' is not defined (was: Re: bzr push on windoze)

Robey Pointer robey at lag.net
Mon Oct 2 18:41:05 BST 2006

On 22 Sep 2006, at 0:12, Alexander Belchenko wrote:

> It's relevant for paramiko library.
> I think I saw discussion about this issue, but unfortunately I  
> cannot easy find it in archives.
> Please, someone point me to discussion and solution.
> Do I need to use different version of paramiko for bzr 0.10  
> distribution? (Robey, can you help me?)

It looks like that was a bug fixed in paramiko 1.6.2.


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