[PATCH] small test_selftest fixes

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Fri Sep 29 15:49:56 BST 2006

Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> test_selftest fixes: if you test run_bzr_subprocess then don't load
> plugins.
> Otherwise if some plugins cannot be loaded with tested version of bzr
> you have garbage in stderr that unrelated to the test itself.

If we want to use this sort of behavior, I think it should be a specific
parameter on run_bzr_subprocess() which defaults to --no-plugins.

Something like:

def run_bzr_subprocess(*args, **kwargs):

  enable_plugins = kwargs.get('enable_plugins', False)
  if not enable_plugins:
    args = args + ('--no-plugins',)

Or something like that. Running around adding '--no-plugins' everywhere
only works until someone adds a new test, and forgets to do it.

So +1 to the concept, but I think the implementation needs to be a
little different.


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