[MERGE] revised revert help text

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Wed Sep 20 18:54:26 BST 2006

Aaron Bentley wrote:
> John Arbash Meinel wrote:
>>> v- This might be better as 'Revert file contents to a previous revision'
> It's not just the contents, though, it's also paths, metadata and
> versioning.
> I referred to "last-committed", because I thought that it would be
> helpful for people who were looking for something like the revert
> command, but didn't know what it was called.
> As a compromise:
> ---
> Revert files to a previous revision
> ---

^- this is okay, though it doesn't make it clear that we revert
directories and symlinks as well. But sure. I think we want a '.' at the
end of the sentence, though.


> What do you think about my proposed alteration alterations? :-)
> We could also go into a bit more detail on specifying files:
> ---
> When you provide files, you can use their current pathname or the
> pathname from the target revision.  So you can use revert to 'undelete'
> a file by name.  If you name a directory, all the contents of that
> directory will be reverted.
> ---
> Aaron

I'm happy enough with these. Including your last comment.


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