[merge] 'bzr version-info'

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Wed Sep 20 16:16:47 BST 2006

Attached is a patch which merges my 'version-info' plugin into bzr
proper. At present, this only provides the 'bzr version-info' command,
though ultimately I would like to update 'setup.py' so that it bundles
version information into the packaged bzr. (That way bzr --version
always includes the exact snapshot it was produced from).

I'm only including a diff, because the bundle includes the history of
the plugin, which makes it quite large.

Having used the command, I think I would also like to see a 'pickle'
format (right now for one of my build steps I output python and then
'eval' the string, which isn't really optimal).

I've also thought about having a C/C++ format. But for my use cases, I
need a customized template, because I wanted multiple version files
inside the global project (lots of libraries). And while 'bzr
version-info --format' does allow you to select a template, it doesn't
allow you to specify the template in the working directory. (Formats
must be registered).

Robert indicated that because this is a new command it has a chance to
make it into 0.11 (since it can't create regressions in other commands).

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