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Erik Bågfors zindar at
Tue Sep 19 10:58:00 BST 2006

I'm really happy to see the smart server going into the next release.

After playing around with it a little, I have some comments and ideas...

First of all, I'd like to be able to serve a branch and not just a
repo.  Lot's of times I might have a number of branches in a repo, and
I want someone to get to one just of the branches.

Secondly, I really think it should default to a specific port.  So
that bzr://host/path/to/branch would make sence

Then, I think it should be possible to serve many repos and branches
from the same server.
We have the following setup

Where "product1" and "product2" are repos.  I'd like to be able to
serve that from one server process.

I also cannot find any way to list branches on a server, I believe
that this is needed so that one can access all branches on a known

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