Snapshot packages of bzr/bzrtools

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at
Wed Sep 13 04:53:32 BST 2006

Hi all,

For those of you who like to live on the edge, yet want the convenience 
of getting you bzr pre-packaged, I have produce snapshot packages (.deb) 
of bzr and bzrtools.  The package have been built on Dapper, but should 
install (or at least rebuild) fine on most Debian and derived distributions.

The bzr snapshot is based on the 
branch, while the bzrtools is based on the branch from

To make use of the snapshot packages, add the following lines to your 
/etc/apt/sources.list :

     deb ./
     deb-src ./

While you are there, you may as well add the repository for releases and 
release candidates :

     deb ./
     deb-src ./

My plan is to produce a snapshot every Monday, except when there is a 
release or an rc coming out that day.  In that case, the latest 
release/rc packages will be published in instead.  The snapshots may get 
delayed a day or two (as there have been this week), if the selftest 
fail and we need to chase the cause for example.


Etienne Goyer
Senior Ubuntu System Support Analyst
Canonical, Ltd

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