Paramiko throws EOFError rather than returning a 0 length file or ENOENT

John Arbash Meinel john at
Mon Sep 11 20:41:34 BST 2006

Robey Pointer wrote:


>>> bzr is 0.9-0ubuntu2, the rest of the system is up-to-date edgy.
>> Looks to me like paramiko is being unfriendly here. We should probably
>> catch this and turn it into either ENOENT or a 0 length file, depending
>> on what Robey says is happening.
>>  affects /products/bzr
> It looks like the underlying server connection vanished.  I should
> translate that into an SSHException for the next version, but I'm not
> sure if that should be treated as ENOENT or an empty file.  It probably
> should just be treated as a "fail" error and let the user retry.  (In
> other words, same as now, but without the stack trace.) ;)
> robey

Well if the connection goes away, then we would probably prefer to
translate it into ConnectionError on our end.
The problem is that this is happening at 'read()' time, not at 'get()'
time. So it can't be wrapped by the transport.  Either the transport
needs to return a wrapped file object, that translates read()
exceptions, or the bzr core needs to start understanding transport
specific errors.

So this may be a reason to introduce a TransportFile, which is
file-like, only it handles translating a transport specific exception
into a generic exception.


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