[MERGE] WorkingTree.lock_tree_write

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Mon Sep 11 01:18:21 BST 2006

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Robert Collins wrote:
> Hi, quoting NEWS:
>     * WorkingTree has a new lock_tree_write method which locks the branch for
>       read rather than write. This is appropriate for actions which only need
>       the branch data for reference rather than mutation. A new decorator
>       needs_tree_write_lock is provided in the workingtree module. Like the
>       needs_read_lock and needs_write_lock decorators this allows static 
>       declaration of the locking requirements of a function to ensure that
>       a lock is taken out for casual scripts. (Robert Collins)
> I'm working on converting some of the existing locks in WorkingTree to
> use this, but I expect that to be a pretty routine search and replace -
> which may take some time if there are test failures due to layering etc
> in there. So I'd like to merge this part which adds the new
> functionality first.
> Cheers,
> Rob

+1, it looks good to me.

I've been thinking about this recently, realizing that most of the
working tree operations don't actually affect the branch or repository
at all.


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