[PATCH] bzrlib API to add pending revision properties to a working tree

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Tue Sep 5 03:09:59 BST 2006

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James Henstridge wrote:
> As discussed on IRC, I see the working tree revision properties as
> uncommitted changes.  Pull and update don't clobber uncommitted
> changes, so I'd expect them not to clobber the revprops.

Your API sets the revprops, right?  So say your current revision, revno
2, has {"permitted_colors": "red"} and you decide you no longer want to
permit "red".  You set a working tree revprop for {"permitted_colors":
""}.  Then you update to revno 3, where the revprop is set to
{"permitted_colors": "red blue"}.  What should the working tree
"permitted_colors" setting be?  I don't think we have enough information
to answer this.  So there's a 50/50 chance it's wrong to
permitted_colors to "" when we commit revno 4.  I think this should be
considered a conflict.  Which makes me wonder: should merge be setting
the revision properties for working trees?

> I modeled this method on WorkingTree.merge_modified(), which does
> pretty much the same thing.  I guess it would probably be simpler to
> just do hashfile.readline() here -- I'm not sure why merge_modified()
> relies on iterator behaviour for reading the header.

Well, it's partly because iterators are cheaper than lists, both in
execution time and memory use, and partly because I just like iterators.
  It seemed sensible to me to read the header line specially, and then
pass the iterator on to code intended to consume the body.

I don't think the code would be much simpler using readlines:

        hashlines = hashfile.readlines()
        if len(hashlines) < 1;
            raise MergeModifiedFormatError()
        if hashlines[0] != MERGE_MODIFIED_HEADER_1 + '\n':
            raise MergeModifiedFormatError()
        for s in RioReader(hashlines[1:]):
            file_id = s.get("file_id")
            if file_id not in self.inventory:
            hash = s.get("hash")
            if hash == self.get_file_sha1(file_id):
                merge_hashes[file_id] = hash
        return merge_hashes

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