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Ben Finney <ben at> writes:

> Even if the remote location were a repository, simply copying a
> directory tree into it does not cause its version information to
> become consistent.
> So perhaps what's needed here is a way to tell bzr to update a
> repository so that its version information is normalised with all
> the branches to be found in subdirectories.

Another use case:

  - Create general repository for users
    $ bzr init-repository /srv/bzr/

  - Users create their own subdirectory, and branches within
    $ mkdir /srv/bzr/bignose/
    $ bzr init /srv/bzr/bignose/

  - Create repository for project foo, with many branches
    $ bzr init-repository ~/Projects/foo/
    $ bzr init ~/Projects/foo/
    $ cd ~/Projects/foo/
    $ # hack hack
    $ bzr commit
    $ bzr branch ../foo.feature-x/
    $ bzr branch ../foo.feature-y/

  - Decide that project foo now belongs as part of general repo
    $ mv ~/Projects/foo/ /srv/bzr/foo

  - Update parent repository with newly-acquired branches
    $ bzr update-repository /srv/bzr/

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