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Lele Gaifax lele at
Sun Sep 3 20:17:23 BST 2006

John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> Lele Gaifax wrote:
>>   reader = codecs.getreader(encoding)
>>   log = reader(output of rlor)
>>   return iterator_over_changeset_from_rlog(log)
>> so maybe the reader is retaining its input and should be explicitly
>> closed, or something like that...
> Well when using an iterator like that, it could easily be holding open a
> file object. I don't really know myself. I assume you are doing this
> because you think it is better for not having to read in the entire file?

The output is a StringIO object, fetched from the "cvs rlog" subprocess 
stdout&stderr, and the parser consumes it a line at a time...

> Is 'output' a string object, or a file? Because multiple calls to
> string.encode() is usually very inefficient. It is usually better to do:
> txt =
> rather than:
> for line in file:
>   txt = line.decode(encoding)
> I saw some large advantages in bzr in doing the first form (versus
> calling decode() about 100K times).

Yes, I read. I'll try to dig further.

> Yep, it worked, and I can see that it does update multiple files at once
> now. So now 'cvs update' isn't as big of a deal, just 'bzr commit' time,
> and some other time that I don't know what Tailor is doing. Right after
> it prints the log message, it spends a couple seconds just sitting there
> before it starts spawning 'cvs update'.

Uhm, I assume you don't have a "delay_before_apply" option... so this is 
strange. Thanks for reporting, I'll try to explain that too.

ciao, lele.

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