[MERGE] Enable writable http transports

Vincent LADEUIL v.ladeuil at alplog.fr
Thu Aug 31 16:16:56 BST 2006

>>>>> "jam" == John Arbash Meinel <john at arbash-meinel.com> writes:


    jam> (Some websites redirect invalid requests to another page, and thereby
    jam> don't give you back a 404. Others have directory listings turned off, so
    jam> you get some sort of invalid request when you ask for a directory.
    jam> Also, just think about the basic "If i go to http://foo.com/ it is
    jam> typically returning http://foo.com/index.html".)

    jam> Anyway, 'has()' should be avoided.

... for directories at least. Ok.


    >> Do you know how to rename a branch from the launchpad web site ?
    >> Or do I have to create a new branch ? In that case how do I
    >> delete the old one ?

    jam> There is a general policy of not deleting stuff from
    jam> Launchpad. I think it is because they are fairly open
    jam> about letting people have access, and they don't want a
    jam> random person to be deleting important stuff.

    jam> So you have to go through an admin. I'm not sure if you
    jam> can use an sftp client to rename stuff, though.

I will  not take the  risk to break  the update between  sftp and
http launchpad servers by renaming it myself :-)

I wait for you and Aaron to agree on the name and will then
search for an admin.

    jam> ...

    >> === modified file bzrlib/branch.py // last-changed:v.ladeuil at alplog.fr-20060828
    >> ... 100320-195cc799942db415
    >> --- bzrlib/branch.py
    >> +++ bzrlib/branch.py
    >> @@ -1248,7 +1248,7 @@
    >> "use bzrlib.urlutils.escape")
    >> url = urlutils.relative_url(self.base, url)
    >> -            self.control_files.put('parent', url + '\n')
    >> +            self.control_files.put('parent', StringIO(url + '\n'))
    >> @deprecated_function(zero_nine)
    >> def tree_config(self):

    jam> ^- I have a branch to clean this up. I should probably
    jam> finish refining it and submit it again. Also, we'll be
    jam> deprecating put() in place of put_file() and
    jam> put_bytes(), so you'll want to keep that in mind for
    jam> your webdav plugin.

Thanks for the heads up, but I was waiting for it anyway.

    jam> Other than the tab, the rest of the code looks
    jam> fine. With Aaron's +1, I'll go ahead and merge it.



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