Suggestion: Remove baz importers from bzrtools

Aaron Bentley at
Wed Aug 30 17:44:25 BST 2006

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Kevin Smith wrote:
> Every time I do bzr help commands, I am annoyed at having to ignore two
> commands, near the top of the list, that I will never use.

bzrtools is a bit of a swiss-army knife.  I've considered breaking it
into smaller pieces, but that will be pretty painful until nested-tree
support is implemented.

I'd be surprised though, if you use more than a fraction of what
bzrtools provides:

 * baz-import
 * branches
 * branch-history
 * branch-mark
 * cbranch
 * cdiff
 * clean-tree
 * fetch-ghosts
 * graph-ancestry
 * import
 * multi-pull
 * patch
 * rspush
 * shelf
 * shell
 * shove
 * switch
 * zap

The raison d'être of bzrtools is to be a one-stop shop for all the
add-on functionality that you're likely to want.  I suppose there are
some subgroups here:

Checkout support:
 * cbranch
 * switch
 * zap

Branch info:
 * branch-history
 * branch-mark
 * graph-ancestry

Foreign data support:
 * baz-import
 * import
 * patch

But most of it falls under "misc" heading, which makes it hard to describe.

I don't really know whether there's a reason to single out the baz
importers.  There's a pretty strong counterargument: that bzr is the
successor to baz, designed to losslessly import its data, and in a
perfect world, baz-import would be in the core.  (It's not, because that
would make the core depend on baz)

I suppose the other way to make baz-import go away would be to register
it as an upgrade mechanism, so that 'bzr upgrade' could transform a
bazaar archive into a bzr repository.  That would get rid of the
command, but I'm not sure that's the right approach, and it would still
leave 'baz-import-branch', because upgrade doesn't really handle that case.

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