Free Standards Group enhancements to bzr add-ons

Jeff Licquia jeff at
Wed Aug 30 16:58:53 BST 2006

The Free Standards Group is nearly done migrating from CVS to bzr.  We
use a few bzr add-ons: PQM, bzr-webserve, and Michael Ellerman's tags

Some of those add-ons weren't quite what we needed, so we made some
changes and fixed some bugs.  Things seem to be working smoothly now, so
I thought I'd alert you all to the changes we've made.  We hope that at
least some of the changes will be useful more generally.

You can find our changed branches here:

Specifically, bzr-pqm and bzr-webserve are the branches you're most
likely to be interested in.  (bzr-tags is there, too, but it was perfect
as shipped, so we just keep a local branch in case something happens to

PQM changes:

 - Add support for automake 1.9.

 - mail_format_successes didn't seem to need or use the "line"
parameter, and since parts of the code didn't seem to have a "line" to
pass (causing exceptions to be thrown), we just removed the parameter.

 - You can now set the remote SMTP server with the "mail_server"
configuration item, to use some server besides "localhost".

bzr-webserve changes:

 - Fix up to work with Debian's bzr packages.

 - Added a "download" button to the changelog view, which tars up and
sends the .bzr directory to the user.  This was provided as a shortcut
to "bzr branch".

 - Diff views were stripping off the first character of some paths in
some cases.  Fixed that.

 - Added a link on the changelog view to our custom PQM Web interface.

 - Cosmetic changes for our preferences (removing the links below each
project in the dir mode, specifically).

We've also discovered that webserve doesn't handle the case well where
the repository in question doesn't exist.  To see what I mean, try:

If I get a chance, a fix for that may appear soon in our webserve
branch.  But I won't be heartbroken if someone beats me to it. :-)

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