[MERGE] Handle existing files cleanly in build_tree

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Wed Aug 30 15:40:39 BST 2006


> Me and Rob have tweaked the behavior: if a file 'foo' cannot be created
> because of a bzrdir in the way, it gets created as 'foo.diverted'.

Is it 'foo.diverted' or is it:

if bar/foo cannot be created because 'bar' is a versioned directory,
then you create 'bar.diverted/' and you end up with 'bar.diverted/foo'.

Otherwise, where would you put foo.diverted?

I thought the point was that you didn't want to add things into a
versioned subdirectory.

Looking at the test, I believe I see that you are creating a new file in
the child tree, but if you aren't adding the file id to the child tree,
then you lose the mapping back to the original file id.

I really think you want to divert the conflicting directory, and not the
individual file.

Everything else I agree with.


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