Planning for bzr 0.11

John Arbash Meinel john at
Mon Aug 28 23:08:23 BST 2006

Robert Collins wrote:
> I'd like to offer to do release management for bzr 0.11 in a similar
> style to how I've done 0.10. Martin indicated on IRC he'd like this -
> how does everyone feel about 0.10, and would you like the same navigator
> for 0.11 ?
> == Proposal ==
> Bzr 0.11 will be a time based release.
> The planned release date is Monday October 2nd.
> 0.11rc is planned for Monday September 25th.
> 0.11 will freeze except for non-risky bugfixes from September 18th.
> This gives us 3 weeks of 'open season' on, 1 week of 'trivial
> only' work, and 1 week with frozen. will reopen for
> merging when the 0.11rc is released.
> ===============
> Cheers,
> Rob

I wanted to put this into a actual calender to make it clear:

28 0.10rc1 released,
   open season on

 4 0.10 released open

11 open

18 0.11 prep chilled for 0.11rc1, trivial fixes only

25 0.11rc1 released opened

 2 0.11 released open

I think I'm happy with that release schedule. It worked pretty well this
time around. Though it might be a little compressed. I wonder if we
would be happier with a 2-month cycle. But then again, I think 1-week of
trivial fixes is probably better than a 2-week slush phase.


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