Bzr 0.10 release candidate 1

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo at
Mon Aug 28 17:17:28 BST 2006

> You referred to an email listing the goals.  Did you mean Martin's
> from 02/08/06?


> I'm sorry if you're disappointed that we didn't get all that done.  I

I don't have any reason (or right) to be disappointed.

> don't think anyone expected that we could.  Martin said:

Well, I expected.  I'm not following bzr's development close enough
to be aware of how much of these features are actually done right
now, or were done by the time Martin mentioned them. That's why
I asked if they'd miss the 0.10 time-based release, and if there was
a way for users to keep track of how these features evolve in a
high-level perspective.

> Given that we'll be doing releases every month, I wonder whether this
> is really needed.  The actual release notes will let people know about
> our progress.

Release notes usually talk about what was released, as opposed to
what's being worked on and how far the development is with these
features.  Of course, there could be a section named
"Unreleased notes".  ;-)

Gustavo Niemeyer

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