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Thu Aug 24 20:26:51 BST 2006

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John Arbash Meinel wrote:
>>I wanted also to remark that we speak everytime about bazaar to work 
>>with others people but it's also very usefull for standalone projects, 
>>for history and when we take care of differents versions...

Oh, I certainly find that.  I've got my web site  (text and source code)
under version control, for example.

> Partial checkouts are something that need a lot of discussion, to decide
> exactly how/if we want to support it. The issue is that you end up
> committing trees that have never been fully tested. And it means that
> the tree *you* have checked out, may not match the tree someone else
> checks out from the same revision.

Not only that, but it really makes a problem for merges, because some
revisions will have been applied to some parts of the inventory
structure, while other revisions will have been applied to others.

At least, that's the best approach I can think of.

> [Config manager] even lets you do
> checkouts from different source formats. So it will let you do a SVN
> checkout of one library, as a sub directory of your bzr project, etc.

And then, when we get nested-by-reference trees, we'll be able to do
that to hg and svn and git trees, using their respective plugins. :-D

One scary thing: I believe I have Python code for all of the steps
necessary to apply an Arch changeset to a tree in memory.  Fai had code
that could read an Arch changeset, and that info can be applied to a
BundleTree pretty easily.  So perhaps there's a native-baz plugin in our
future also.

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