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Wed Aug 23 23:36:07 BST 2006

Robert Collins wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-08-23 at 07:36 -0400, Aaron Bentley wrote:


> I am saying that .pyc files /may/ be derived works (depends on exactly
> what the compiler does - whether it incorporates fragments of other .py
> or .pyc files or not), but that .py files are clearly not derived works.
> .py files do not contain the text of the libraries they use - by
> analogy, if I write a review of a book without quoting it, my review is
> not a derived work. .py files are reviews of the things they use. 

Interesting thought. So as long as you distribute .py files, you can
actually place calls into other source code. Regardless of its License.

I suppose there would be a small issue if you ever released a py2exe
version of the program, though.

> The closest .py files come to being tainted is via interface copyright,
> and interface copyright is both hugely arguable, and something that
> would be very bad for FOSS and the GPL if it is established to exist.
> (Interface copyright is copyrighting the interface, not the description
> of it for humans - and vastly different source files can generate the
> same identical interface, which is why its not clear than an interface
> can be copyrighted at all, and if it can be, then libraries such as
> gettext become wide open to cloned implementations that offer the
> interface, but suck, allowing people to /effectively/ link against the
> GPL library without tainting - because they can claim that they built
> against the BSD/whatever version. Interface copyright - can of freaking
> worms).
> -Rob

Well, actually libgettext is LGPL, so it isn't really a problem.
'gettext' the *program* is GPL, but you can use i18n in your
closed-source program. I looked into it closely when I was working for a
specific company.


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