Newbie question

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Aug 16 05:17:07 BST 2006

On 15 Aug 2006, Will Lentz <Will_Lentz at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a way to combine various repository modules into 1
> project checkout.  Is there a way to do that in bzr?
> For example, suppose my repository is:
>  repo/library1
>      /library2
>      /project1
>      /project2
> Now suppose project1 just needs library1.  So - I'd like to make a
> 'local' directory and populate it like this:
>  local/project1/
>  local/project1/library1

Hi Will,

Yes, you can do that with just

  mkdir local
  bzr checkout ~/repo/project1 local/project1
  bzr checkout ~/repo/library1 local/project1/library1

> In addition it'd be really nice to:
>   cd local/project1
>   bzr st
> and get all the changed files in 'project1' and 'library1' (without
> having to go into each directory..).

Sorry, not yet.  You could write it if you want though, it's probably
not too hard.  It should probably be an option to 'st'.

There's some work towards storing the fact that it needs library1 inside
project1, but this isn't finished yet.  The recent threads about adding
root ids, etc, are preparation for this.  You can read about it on the
wiki under 'nested trees'.


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