bzr copy (Re: Weekly 0.10 release status)

Andrew Bennetts andrew at
Tue Aug 15 14:00:03 BST 2006

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
> Andrew Bennetts schrieb:
> > So, I don't actually know what you're asking to include in bzr 1.0.
> The minimum requirement is "copy a b" has no effect on a and b is a copy
> of it and knows about this fact. (bzr log would say "copied: a => b",
> simular to "renamed: a => b" for bzr rename). Also bzr log displays
> the history which was copied from a and bzr annotate also knows
> in what revision of a lines have changed.
> This is what I would like to see in bzr 1.0. as we used "svn copy"
> a lot in the samba repository and it would be bad if bzr-svn can't
> represent this 1-to-1 into the bzr frontend.
> Also this would be very useful in a bzr only environment.
> Nice to have things:
> The bzr log and annotate are the key features for me.

This is enough information to comment on and discuss how to implement -- put it
in the spec!

(I don't have a strong opinion on this feature; it'd be nice I guess, but I
doubt I'd ever actually use it, so I don't care if it's in 1.0 or not.  I know I
haven't seen "svn copy" used except for branching before, but I'm curious to
hear about people who have and found it useful.)


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