[MERGE] proper gpg-agent support

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Sun Aug 13 16:05:27 BST 2006

A while ago I wrote a plugin to spawn gpg in a different way, so that it
could connect to pinentry-curses properly. (Basically, gpg has an issue
if stdin is not a tty, which is weird, because it works just fine for
standard password prompting).

Anyway, James Westby pointed me to this debian bug:

It seems that the easy fix is to just set 'GPG_TTY=$TTY'. I did some
testing on the command line, and that does seem to work.

# fails
echo 'foo' | gpg --cl
# succeeds
echo 'foo' | GPG_TTY=$TTY gpg --cl

So the attached patch basically just does this step. I want to include a
  NEWS entry about closing bug:

There is also this bug:
(gpg agent is not available, so gpg returns an exit code of '2' but
technically the request was properly signed because the user supplied
their passphrase).

Though I think that bug would have to wait until we get gpgme
integration. And we may not be able to fix it even then, since we want a
configurable gpg command (so that people can use custom agents). And I
don't know that gpgme works with generic gpg agent wrappers.

This fix does require users 'export TTY' in their shell startup scripts,
since that doesn't seem to be inherited by default.

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