[merge] update bzr.dev NEWS (merge 0.9)

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Sun Aug 13 15:32:52 BST 2006

The attached bundle merges bzr.0.9 into bzr.dev (so that we don't have
any dangling changes), and then updates NEWS and some version numbers so
that we can continue development.

Basically, I wanted to work on a few bug fixes, but I have nowhere in
NEWS to put them.

Unfortunately, my inaccessible parent fixes showed up in 0.9 and not in
bzr.dev, so there is a little bit of extra stipple in a plain
bundle/diff against bzr.dev. So this is only a diff against my merge of

I'd like to get this in soon, since it blocks any work that wants to put
something into NEWS.

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