[RFC] Moving uncommited changes from a tree to another.

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Wed Aug 9 06:25:30 BST 2006

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Michael Ellerman wrote:
>> Would it be possible to just have a command that converts the current
>> uncommitted changes to a bundle, and another that applies a bundle to
>> the working tree without committing?
> I don't think that's possible without surgery on the bundle code,
> because it assumes you're talking about revisions.

It's the kind of surgery I'm keen on doing, because that gets us the
ability to do un-revert, too, and maybe even improved versions of Shelf,
in the end.

> Aaron's 'shove' command is awesome, it works for me. I guess the only
> problem with it vs a bundle approach is you need both trees
> write-accessible at the same time. But it's a minor problem IMHO.
> Actually I think it should be in the core.

Aw shucks.  Of course, the problem is trying to maximize the
functionality while minimizing the number of commands to learn.  Shove
is a very single-purpose tool.  But if other folks feel 'shove' should
go in core, I can prepare that.

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