[PATCH] ignore log to stdout in benchmarks

Jan Balster jan at merlinux.de
Wed Aug 9 05:54:35 BST 2006

John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> Jan Balster wrote:
>> To reduce the memory footprint of the benchmark tests I wrote a patch to
>> throw the log output away. This and the related patch "[merge] remove
>> some more mutters" reduced the memory consumption of the benchmark suite
>> benchmarks from 1.1 GB to ~120 MB (the suite contains the bundle
>> benchmarks we are working on).
>> The attached diff overwrites the _finishLogFile method of the Benchmark
>> class in bzrlib/benchmarks/__init__.py.
>> Cheers,
>>  Jan
> Seems reasonable to me, but you need to clean up a couple small things.

Thanks for your feedback, I attached the updated diff.


> ^- PEP8 standard library imports come first, separated by a blank line,
> then dependency imports, then local imports. So as an example


 > We've started prefering 'from bzrlib import trace' over 'import
 > bzrlib.trace', but either is okay.


> ^- only 1 blank space between class functions.
> +1 on the concept, just needs some small cleanup.
> John
> =:->
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