[BUG?] uncommit and pending merges

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Tue Aug 8 01:25:23 BST 2006

Robert Collins wrote:
> Uncommit does not seem to do ancestry-de-duplication of pending merges.
> That is, if I uncommit two revisions, and the -1 merged branch B, and
> the -2 one merge branch B a commit earlier, then I should only get one
> pending merge - the one from the -1 revision.
> -Rob

Well, it didn't used to keep track of pending merges at all :)

But you are correct, it could keep track, and only add 1 pending merge
for each revision_id.

The only other issue is that I thought it would be good to preserve the
order of the pending merges. So it isn't as simple as just using a set.

(I don't know if the order matters, but it seems more the 'right' thing
to do).


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