Bazaar worth $2 million (according to sloccount)

John Arbash Meinel john at
Fri Aug 4 06:10:57 BST 2006

I've never really seen this before, so I thought some people might find
it interesting. recently passed the 3000 tests mark, so I was curious how many
tests we had, versus how many lines of code. So I installed 'sloccount',
and this is the report summary:

Total Physical Source Lines of Code (SLOC)                = 59,728
Development Effort Estimate, Person-Years (Person-Months) = 14.66 (175.87)
 (Basic COCOMO model, Person-Months = 2.4 * (KSLOC**1.05))
Schedule Estimate, Years (Months)                         = 1.49 (17.83)
 (Basic COCOMO model, Months = 2.5 * (person-months**0.38))
Estimated Average Number of Developers (Effort/Schedule)  = 9.86
Total Estimated Cost to Develop                           = $ 1,979,833
 (average salary = $56,286/year, overhead = 2.40).

So sloccount says it should take 10 developers approximately 1.5 years
and $2 million to develop the bzr source tree.

It also says we have 26,901 LOC just in the bzrlib/tests/ directory.

So really the interesting piece is this:

test + benchmark loc = 26,901
source loc = 59,728-26,901= 32,827

Which means we have only 20% more lines of actual code than we have of
test code. (We can also push it over the $2million mark if we start
including some of the plugin code)

Now, I have my doubts about the cost estimate from sloccount. But it
might be that in a standard business workflow that is what things cost.
For one thing, they estimate developer salaries to be $56K/year. So I
don't think these are extremely well paid developers, and that is
probably relevant to how much code they could churn out.

I also don't know about the general model. When starting out, they
estimate 2.4 person months for 1000 lines of code. But when a project
has gotten to the 100K SLOC mark, it starts to take 300 person months to
get another 1000 lines written. That seems more than a little bit high.

Still, it does mean Mark has gotten his money's worth :)


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