goals for 0.10 development

Erik Bågfors zindar at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 09:54:41 BST 2006

On 8/2/06, Martin Pool <mbp at canonical.com> wrote:
> Robert and I spent some time yesterday talking about the next bzr
> release cycle.  Robert previously posted a release timeline that will
> let us get new features out on a particular date.  But what new
> features?
> In general anything can come in that meets our review criteria of user
> experience, code quality, and test coverage.  For any patch, at least
> one of these should get better and none should get worse.  So if there
> is some particular itch you want to scratch, by all means go ahead; and
> if you aren't sure how to test it Robert will likely be happy to help
> work it out.  There are also some existing itches in the bug tracker
> that can be triaged or fixed.
> That said, here are some things people might like to work on, and that
> Canonical people will be working on.
> Some of these require discussion and/or specs about what should be
> done.
> High priority: Considered to be adoption blockers:
>  - Tags (mbp to spec, needs decision, spec, about how they're versioned)
>  - Smart server (mbp, andrew, needs to be pushed & explained so other people can
>    contribute)
>  - User documentation
>    - Select some user stories and make sure someone could work out how
>      to do them from the manual
>    - Audit that all non-hidden commands are discussed in the manual
>    - Make a dump (e.g. to html or text) of all online help and review/audit
>    - Upload manual and online help in html form to doc.bazaar-vcs.org
>  Medium priority: Important long term work but not severe impact
>   - dirstate (robert, john)
>   - commit performance  (john?)
>   - bzr log per file to show more relevant data, and be faster. (needs
>  speccing from ui aspect, mbp to do so, then ???)
>   - improve files changing kind support (???)
>   - bind should not alter the target branch (???)
>   - unique-tree-root-ids support (aaron)
>   - improved history of performance, ie make it possible to match each
>     commit to +/- performance (mbp to spec, cfbolz, jan etc)
>  Other: Nice things to have:
>   - merge bundles from stdin (???)
>   - checkout transform conflict handler (robertc or aaron)
>   - get_transport/get_url cleanups (???)
>   - missing files should not be automatically deleted by commit (????, bug 5158)
>   - testable documentation for the manual. (john? robert?)
>   - optparse (aaron)
>   - submit bundles to pqm

Has anyone got any thoughts about tracking cheerypicks ?
That seams like something important and useful for me.

All-in-all.  Love the list!


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