[RFC] Benchmark configuration handling

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Tue Aug 1 15:06:40 BST 2006

Carl Friedrich Bolz wrote:
> Robert Collins wrote:


> Sure, I agree with all of this. I was fearing a sort of combinatorical
> explosion, but it's probably more sensible to choose some particular
> configurations that you are interested in anyway and add benchmarks for
> those. Are there benchmarks that are particularly interesting to run
> using the slow socket?
> [snip]
> Cheers,
> Carl Friedrich

Remote ones :) (local ones don't really care about a slow socket :)

Seriously, the ones I've been testing and would thus be interested in:

# Start from scratch
'bzr branch' of a complete project over both sftp and http

# Update the branch I have
'bzr pull' of the last 10 revs or so of a project over both http and sftp.

You could do more permutations of 'bzr pull', like pulling 1/2 of a
project, or something like that, but you start getting into a lot of

# Push my changes back
'bzr push' of 1 rev, and something like 5 revs, and something like 100
revs, and one of a complete project.

I want multiple entries here, because I'm curious how 'push' scales. The
permutations should also include how many files actually changed each time.

IMO, the above are all very common use cases.
1) Download a new project, and see what is going on
2) Update my local branch of a project (I think pull is ultimately more
important that 'branch', especially with repos)
3) Commit in a bound branch
4) Publish my short list of changes
5) Merge a long lived branch and publish it
6) Publish a new project

I would also like to see the source branch have a fragmented repository.
Meaning there are some revisions that we don't want to pull.
Like say a shared repository with multiple branches
(dev/release/developer A/developer B). Or possibly even multiple,
unrelated projects.

I will admit I want to see this, because it is what we just optimized
for 0.9.


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