'bzr checkout transform conflict policy'

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Tue Aug 1 00:16:41 BST 2006

Aaron - this is the description of behaviour I'd like to see for
checkouts when a file exists...

Firstly, a quick explanation of the intent. The intent is that a nested
by reference tree can be put in a repository with no checkouts, and then
the trees checked out. Its quite possible that in the general case this
cannot be made to work always - but when it will fail I expect users
will be aware that it will - because they will have setup the
failure :).

So the behaviour I'd like is (in order of checks):
 * if a path being made is contained by a sub-branch raise an error.
[that is, if the path being made is dir/foo, and dir has a .bzr dir or
other control structure - if its recognised by
BzrDirFormat.probe_on_transport - then dont make it, - report a conflict
about the path being in a nested branch and throw the path contents away
(the user can use revert if the really want it back)
 * when a directory already exists on disk its ok - no conflict needed.
 * when a file or symlink already exists on disk, move it to path.moved
if and only if the content differs.


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