[RFC] CommitTemplate (was Re: [ANN bzr-vim] syntax and ftplugin for bzr_log.* files)

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Fri Jul 28 15:57:57 BST 2006

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Adeodato Simó wrote:
> * Aaron Bentley [Fri, 28 Jul 2006 09:31:14 -0400]:
> Hi,
>>Adeodato Simó wrote:
>>># Bazaar revision bundle v0.8
>>># message:
>>>#   bzrlib/commit_template.py:
>>>#     - New file.
>>Our convention is that the first line of the commit message is a
>>summary, and frequently the only line displayed.
>>"bzrlib/commit_template.py:" does not make a good summary.
> Yah, this slipped from my own particular commit message convention. In
> any case, since this is in a branch that gets integrated later with a
> proper first log line later, does it really matter? (it's okay if it
> does).

I don't think we would block on that, because we have the opportunity to
specify a commit message:

a) when we merge you
b) when we submit our merge to the mainline

> A quick grep reveals at least 33 files suffer from that. If you'd like,
> I can send a diff for all of them. Just let me know.

That would be helpful, if you don't mind.

>>In order to be accepted, a patch like this would need to introduce tests
>>for all the new code.
> Of course, for both things. This was a RFC, not a merge request. Thanks
> for the remainder, though. :)

Yeah, I figured it wasn't intended for merging when I saw:

+        # TODO implement for real
+        comment += "\n# START DIFF"

> So, from what it seems, the implementation would have to change
> significantly, and generalize the commit message in another way. I'll
> followup on this after I spend some time thinking about it.

Well I was thinking of just adding another option or two to commit.

>   (*) A wrapper that does:
>       def run(self, arg1=default, arg1=default, arg1=default)
>   instead of
>       def run(self, arg_i_need1=default, arg_i_need2=default, **kwargs)

It's strange that this would lead to bugs.

>   (**) What I would like to see someday is `bzr commit --select-hunks`,
>        a-la-darcs. Kinda like shelve-commit-unshelve. Do you think it'd
>        be accepted if some day... an implementation appeared?

commit --select-hunks is a way of committing untested code, and there is
some sentiment against doing that.  Putting it in the mainline might
give the impression that we thought it was a good idea.

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