How to work from behind proxies ? (with patch providing a partial solution)

Vincent LADEUIL v.ladeuil at
Thu Jul 27 10:45:35 BST 2006

>>>>> "martin" == martin f krafft <madduck at> writes:

    martin> also sprach Vincent LADEUIL <v.ladeuil at>
    martin> [2006.07.27.1012 +0100]:
    >> Thanks for the hint, but the proxy I'm behind opens only
    >> the ports for http and https (ftp can work only if
    >> tunneled thru http), and the OpenVPN doc clearly says that
    >> the firewall should forward the port 1194.

    martin> I have my OpenVPN server work on port 443/tcp
    martin> precisely to manage to get around fascist

Seems you get the F meaning :-)

    martin> firewalls. It works.

Hmmm. So  you propose to install  OpenVPN on the H  host only and
not  on the  F  one (where  I  lack admins  privileges to  modify
network setup) ? Care to elaborate a bit on your setup then ?

How  would I  handle https  connections  for the  H https  server
already listening on 443 ?

This  becomes a  bit off-topic  so  maybe we  should continue  in
private and I'll post a summary if I can setup a working config.


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