[bug] commands output inconsistence

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Wed Jul 26 12:03:49 BST 2006

Erik Bagfors пишет:
> I disagree.
> Output that you might want to filter/capture etc should go to stdout,
> other things to stderr.  So
> bzr status -> stdout
> bzr ci -m foo... has nothing you would want to filter, -> stderr.
> statusbar -> stderr

Well, is is output should be readable for user? Do you know that stderr
is utf-8 encoded but stdout has potentially different encoding? And I
cannot read utf-8 messages on my russian windows console with cp866?

>> $ bzr ci -m initial > out    ===> out file is empty and output prints on
>> the screen:
>> added dir
>> Committed revision 1.
> good

OK. More complex thing -- commit with russian filename:

$ bzr init a
$ cd a
$ echo spam > Тест
$ bzr st
$ bzr add
added "Тест"
$ bzr ci -m russian
added ╨в╨╡╤Б╤В
Committed revision 1.

And how I should read this bytestream of utf-8???

>> I think this bug appears because of progress bar. But anyway it's a bug
>> for me.
> Not for me.

But definitely for me.


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